In order to help with social distancing and help those who want to get plants but cannot shop for various reason we have initiated our PLANT FINDER TOOL to do ONLINE ORDERS.

You can use this tool to arrange orders for in-store pickup or delivery of plants during the COVID-19 situation. Build your list of plants, and then use the "E-Mail My Wish List" link on the Wish List page to send your list to us electronically. One of our staff will be in touch with you shortly to convert it into an order and arrange for pickup or delivery. Please note that our plant inventory varies from day-to-day and not all plants may be available; our knowledgeable staff will recommend appropriate substitutions where they are available.

We will work with you to arrange for pick up or delivery dates/times. If you are coming please call ahead so that we can have your order ready for you.

We have an all-natural fogging disinfectant system here at the garden centre and all orders will be fogged to kill 99.9% of any potential virus prior to pick up or delivery.

When you arrive at the store call the number we provide you with when we confirm your order and you will be directed to the loading area where your order will be ready for pick up. We ask that you wait for direction once at the loading area and respect the 6' social distancing space limits.

Payments can be made remotely via Visa/MasterCard or Amex and the disinfected receipt will be in an envelope with your plants.

Requests for delivery can also be accommodated and we will work with you to coordinate a date and time that is convenient for you. Our trucks will be fogged daily with our disinfectant to ensure your families safety as we deliver your goods.

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